Live Coding: A User’s Manual


Live Coding: A User’s Manual by Alan Blackwell, Emma Cocker, Geoff Cox, Alex McLean and Thor Magnusson, is a new book about the history and culture of live coding, published by MIT Press as open access paperback and ebook!

Live Coding: A Userโ€™s Manual is the first comprehensive introduction to the practice and a broader cultural commentary on the potential for live coding to open up deeper questions about contemporary cultural production and computational culture. This multiauthored bookโ€”by artists and musicians, software designers, and researchersโ€”provides a practice-focused account of the origins, aspirations, and evolution of live coding, including expositions from a wide range of live coding practitioners. In a more conceptual register, the authors consider liveness, temporality, and knowledge in relation to live coding, alongside speculating on the practiceโ€™s future forms.

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