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Afterglow update and a performance video

I just released version 0.2.0 of Afterglow, adding some nice interface elements for controlling effects, cue variables, and picking colors, both from the embedded web UI, and compatible grid controllers. Speaking of which, the Novation Launchpad Pro has joined the Ableton Push as having native support, and Novation is loaning me some other controllers to facilitate building mappings for them.

And since I’ve been too busy working on the software recently to get out and perform myself, I was thrilled to receive this performance video from an early adopter of a show he lit using Afterglow in Kaliningrad, Russia in December. He modestly says, “My first experience with lights, still a lot to accomplish.” And I say, there is a ton left to implement in the software too. But it is already fun!

Deepower Live Report

Deepower audiovisual performance with Afterglow

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