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‘Amorphaux’ EP Release Party

Primarily composed using Tidal, Spednar‘s newest EP ‘Amorphaux’ is slated to be released on Pittsburgh-based imprint La Squadra.  Teasers for the release are now available on soundcloud.  The full EP will appear on bandcamp April 11th.

In addition to the music, a release party will be thrown showcasing a cast of various all live electronic performances spanning software and hardware alike.  The show will feature performances by:

The event will be held April 28th at The Space Upstairs in Pittsburgh, PA.

Event info:

La Squadra is a Pittsburgh-based imprint releasing one local talent each month of 2016. Every release is wholly manufactured head-to-toe by Pittsburgh artists from mixing and recording to mastering and distribution. The goal is to release 12 of the cities most promising producers to a national, and international, audience.

About spednar

Kevin Bednar, aka Spednar, is a Pittsburgh-based electronic music producer. Utilizing live coding methodologies to push the bounds of polyrhymthmic and microtonal compositions and often crossing into found-sound territory, his output aims to excite both experimental and traditional electronic listeners alike.

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