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Gibbering at Algoraves

A great talk by Charlie Roberts at JSConf, “Gibbering at Algoraves”, an intro to Gibber which kicks off with a nice intro to the live coding community:


  1. charlie

    Thanks for posting this, Alex! I have to apologize for putting my foot in my mouth and characterizing dancers at algoraves as either headnodders or crazy people around the 30 minute mark… I have certainly danced at Algoraves and have seen plenty of people more respectable than I dancing as well :) I blame the comment on jet lag.

  2. Heh, I thought that was funny, and sadly true in a lot of cases as listed here..

    Algoraves do indeed work sometimes tho!

  3. Dan Hett

    I knew that would be Manchester before I even clicked it. :)

    Great talk, Charlie!

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