TOPLAP Moot Sheffield
2nd-3rd Sept 2018 (+ pre-events on 1st Sept), Access Space, Sheffield UK

A “moot” is an assembly, for an exchange of thoughts and ideas on speculative topics. It’ll take place in/around Access Space (which hosted the first ever live coding festival in 2007).

We’ll start with associated events on 1st September – a SONA workshop for women and non-binary people by day, plus (of course) an Algorave into the night. Then the moot will begin with talks and workshops over two days, hopefully rounded off with a jaunt to the local Peak District for some laptop jams in the countryside.

The schedule so far..

1st Sept – associated pre-moot events
Day: Beginners’ live coding workshop for+by women + nonbinary people
Night: Algorave! Two rooms of live coded and algorithmic music in DINA Sheffield, one for dancing and one for chill-out, audio/visual and stranger performances.. Featuring Renick Bell + Chiho Oka, Atsushi Tadokoro, Akihiro Kubota, Linux Lewis, Yaxu, Alexandra Cardenas, LiveDog Inc., Heavy Lifting, ALGOBABEZ, Qirky, Neil C Smith, Thorsten Sideboard, Alejandro Albornoz, J Simon van der Walt, Digital Selves + more ..

2nd Sept – Moot day one
Focused around talks and demos, exploring live coding techniques and technologies.

3rd Sept – Moot day two
The second day will focus on a range of shortish, hands-on installfests and workshops.

Leading practitioners and developers of Siren, PraxisLIVE, TidalCycles, Foxdot and Clive will be on hand to help with installation and getting started, and will be enlisting you to help imagine the future of their systems. There’ll also be sessions on ‘playing rhythms in binary’ and granular synthesis. We’ll have several workshops running at the same time, so you’ll be able to move between them. More details soon!

If the weather is good, finishing with a jam session in the local peak district for those who are sticking around into the evening!

If you’d like to propose a talk, performance or workshop, please fill out this form as soon as you can!


Tickets are now up!


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We are not able to contribute to travel/accommodation, but are happy to support your own funding applications with letters of support and so on.


Alex McLean, Renick Bell, Joanne Armitage and Lucy Cheesman, in collaboration with Akihiro Kubota, Chiho Oka, and Atsushi Tadokoro.

This TOPLAP moot is a non-profit initiative, growing out of the Tokyo <> Yorkshire live coding exchange, which is made possible with generous support from Great Britain Sasakawa FoundationDaiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, and Arts Council England.


TOPLAP (the Temporary Organisation for the Proliferation of Live Algorithm Programming) was formed in 2004 to bring together the live coding community, and has since developed into a thriving, international community of practice. Live coding is a live form of creative coding, where people work with code as an end-user interface, typically to create time-based art (e.g. music, visuals, choreography), often in front of a live audience. See TOPLAP (, and the ‘all things live coding’ list ( for more information.