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The disklavier sessions

Andrew Sorensen first shook the live coding scene with his Study in Keith, a beautiful (synthesised) piano piece made with impromptu, which was later deconstructed by Stephen Ramsey.  Now Andrew Sorensen and Ben Swift have got their hands on a Disclavier, and here’s the result – live coding a piano.

They aren’t the first to achieve this feat, but this is beautifully done and filmed, and it’s great to see Andrew’s new(ish) Extempore live coding environment in full flow.


  1. David Sanders

    Very interesting. Really gives you a sense for the increasingly visible role that computers, programming, and logical thinking now play in our daily lives.

  2. Just a short note, that we’ll provide a Disclavier at live.code.festival 2013, so there hopefully will be some piano coding in the concert :-)

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