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Coding Bull

Alex "yaxu" McLean vs Nick "nil" Collins

live coding bout

13 rounds of hard typing action till Code Out

For the World Programming Federation Fingerweight Belt

(Turingsberry rules apply)

dorkbot Ghent, Visserij 107, Ghent, Belgium, May 21st, talks from 4pm performances from 8.30pm

Promoted by TOPLAP,, 'big up arrow the live code massive'


A controversial double code out in the ninth amidst claims of underhand deals has cast the ownership of the WPF fingerweight belt into contention. Legal discussions of the sport's governing body continue today to resolve the fate of the contest, dubbed the 'Battle of the Belge'. A speedy resolution has been overshadowed by allegations and counter allegations of underhand deals. Both fighters have made public assertions that they had not been paid to throw the match, but suspicion in betting circles continues, particularly over the case of one Stockwell based punter who may have deliberately misled officials both as to his real gambling intentions and possible links to the WPF and the athletes.

Code sports fans had been prepared for a titanic struggle, and in the first rounds saw a series of twists, with live coded fx units for piggy back processing, manic perl scripting, interpreted function substitution, massive bass sounds, self modifying code, SynthDef subversions and accidental soundfile explosions. But no-one was expecting the fork bomb/grain choke finale. Possible complicity between the contestents is supported by documentary robot footage of the two whispering to each other at the end of the eight round while locked in a 186 bpm dancehall embrace.

Live coding fights are a speciality sport gaining interest on the underground arts scene. Not without critics, an enraged musician was heard to declare that the musical level was 'not much above bear baiting'. Respected MC (Machine Controller) Q-Type was in the audience and has also asserted a suspicion as to the level of presets used when on the ropes, though he admitted that the programming in some rounds had been genuinely on-the-fly.