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A hackpact is where two or more people have a pact to create and document (i.e., upload for others to see) something new every day for a month. It is inspired by the live coding practice of people like nick, fredrik and scott, but you're extremely welcome to join in and do something else like photography, sculpture or a mixture of things. No universal rules but you might want to enforce your own.

Use the tag 'hackpact' when documenting your hacks, and add a link to the tag on the service you're using if it's missing:

twitter flickr blip.tv

September 2009

If you're in, add a link to the daily documentation below, along with a brief description of your plans:

Related projects

Ok it seems that we're not the first people to think of doing something every day for a month, e.g.:

hackpact has some focus on doing the same kind of thing every day though, analogous to a rigorous practice regime on a musical instrument, although some hackpacters are taking more of a thing-a-day approach...

2010 follow up


July 2011

2011 follow up


November 2011

2012 follow up