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Add your suggested Toplap slogans, please. The marketing department reserves the right to use any entries submitted in publicity materials.

  • "putting the rhythm into algorithms"
  • "let the algorithm hit 'em"
  • "to parse despite all chance to fail"
  • "putting the funk into functions"
  • "taking the routine out of subroutines"
  • "type a personality"
  • "taking the artificial out of artificial intelligence"
  • "stealing the intelligence from artificial intelligence"
  • "After three days without livecoding, life becomes meaningless."
  • "To know code, is to slow code"
  • "Thinking out loud"
  • "Please don't stop the algorithm"
  • "It's been a hard day's night, and I've been coding like a dog. It's been a hard day's night, I need to check the debug log." - s73v3r on reddit
  • "Goto, goto, for x, dim"
  • "Call when I'm at home"
  • "Goto rnd(x)*10"
  • "Start: Beep, wait(5), Beep, wait(5), Beep, wait(2), goto start."
  • "Sub-unroutine"
  • "Polyphonymorphism"
  • "Some thoughts have a certain sound"
  • "Splicing tapes in Turing machines"
  • "... to experience through an unusual aesthetic event what hackers are missing in society and what society is missing in hacking." source
  • "the algorithm is gonna get you"
  • "Diva the code"
  • "The less something like this makes us think of very serious people doing amazingly hard things according to arcane procedures while sitting on standardised chairs the better."
  • "For a long time computer scientists have been erasing time from programming, and we're now putting it back in. For a long time computer musicians have been trying to hide the computation in their music, and we're celebrating it."