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All Things Live Coding

For the latest, comprehensive list of TOPLAP systems, please see the All Things Live Coding list.

Historical links

The following unmaintained list is mainly for historical interest. Please see the above link for the latest stuff.

Textual languages

Graphical / visual / game-based languages

  • The Thingee + ThingeeLanguage
  • betablocker Gameboy version
  • Al-Jazari (refused TOPLAP approval, entering third tribunal at dynamic high court)
  • TOPLAPapp:an iPhone/iPod Touch live coding musical puzzle game
  • Text - A visual language based on Haskell
  • Pure Data - An open-source dataflow programming language for multimedia
  • Max/MSP/Jitter - A dataflow programming language for multimedia
  • Meemoo - A framework that connects open-source modules, powered by any web technology
  • afterglow-max - Hosts Afterglow (see previous section) inside Max/MSP/Jitter (and presumably Pure Data, though I have not tested that yet).
  • Dreams - A game engine/platform on PlayStation 4 that supports music creation combined with a patcher-based programming system that allows algorithmic music and visuals.

Unavailable/difficult to run languages