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we pick up our festival passes at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

possible programme

  • 4th february 2005 (Friday) - Transmediale starts, some people arrive, go and party at club transmediale
  • 5th (sat) - Everyone else arrives, maybe a TOPLAP dinner and planning, then more partying
  • 6th (sun) -
    • 12pm presentation (Haus der Kulturen der Welt), led by alex/ade with ALL followed by
    • 2-7pm workshop at transmediale (Haus der Kulturen der Welt), half by Ge and the other by Julian/Alberto, then
    • 8:15pm - ?? evening performances - individual sets by ALL - at c-base
  • 7th (mon) - Presentation led by Amy (mini panel style) with ALL and live group jam (ALL) at club transmediale (Club Maria am Ostbahnhof - Cinema).
    • 15:30 Arrive for soundcheck, which begins at 16:00.
    • 19:30, presentation starts, with doors at 19:00. Mini-panel comes first, and then the Big Group Jam.

And then for those still around...

  • 9th/10th - Placard headphone festival preview at club transmediale
  • 14th - TOPLAP's first birthday!


  • club transmediale have one twin room and one single room for us in a hostel very near club transmediale -
  • Fredrik's place - 2 rooms. can probably fit up to 5-6 ppl depending how cosy we'd want it.
  • coder from c-base can offer space for 2 more in his lounge
  • is a nice and cheap hostel


  • alex - sharing room in hostel
  • ge - fredrik's
  • amy - single room in the hostel
  • nick - stopping at fredrik's
  • kristjan - sharing room in hostel

don't need

  • adrian, alberto, julian, fredrik, craig


MinipanelText AnotherTransmediale2005draft

participants, with ultra-short bio, url and dates

  • Dave Griffiths (uk) - remove, can't make it :(
  • Ade Ward (uk)
    • Adrian is a software artist, programmer, CEO of Signwave UK, and one half of slub.
    • Arrive 6th, leave 8th (tentative)
  • Alex McLean (uk)
    • Hacks gabba skiffle in Perl live, the other half of slub, author of the livecoding system.
    • probably arriving on the 5th and leaving on the 10th
  • Ge Wang (us)
  • Nick Collins (uk)
  • Fredrik Olofsson (berlin/sthlm)
  • Kristjan Varnik (berlin)
    • probably arriving on the 5th and leaving on the 9th
    • Working on a java based system that also provides network interaction
  • Julian Rohrhuber (de)
    • is a visual artist and musician, and has developed the Just In Time Library (JITLib).
  • Alberto de Campo (de)
    • is a musician/composer and plays with PowerBooks Unplugged and Sonoaviatik.
  • Amy Alexander (us)
    • Aka VJ Übergeek. All-text-somewhat-hyperkinetic VJ, practitioner of performance as work resistance. Un-clerical projects include The Thingee, CyberSpaceLand, Extreme Whitespace, The Typewriter, etc.
    • arriving the 4th, departing the 9th
  • Craig Latta (us)
    • improvisational Squeaker, netjammer, and developer of musique litt�rale
    • arriving the 4th, departing the 13th (side-trips likely starting the 9th)

The plan

2004/02/06 (Sunday) - Presentation and Workshop at Haus der Kulturen der Welt

12pm - Two hour presentation featuring all the different livecode environments we have available. Possibly introduced by Alex and/or Ade.

2pm-7pm - Workshop, the first half being ChucK led by Ge and the second jitlib led by Julian and Alberto.

Please add more details here.

We should try to stream this on the net, Mikael Johansson and others at Staken computer club would like to observe.

Then performances by TOPLAP affiliates at c-base, featuring...

  • vap pilk
  • vj übergeek and dj donna maya
  • slub
  • ChucK
  • Julian & Alberto
  • Kristjan
  • Craig
  • add yourself here

2004/02/07 (Monday) Mini-panel and Live jam at Club Transmediale

One hour of introduction and mini-panel led by Amy Alexander, followed by huge live jam with all members of TOPLAP, at the cinema in club transmediale.

The panel members will be Amy and everyone, I hope.

Some ideas from Amy: "Let's do this as a conversational panel... each person talks about their interest/reasons for livecoding, and how it relates to the development of their livecoding app or system. I think this will naturally hit on the questions posed by Jan, i.e., relationship of code-visuals to music (or in the case of graphical toplappers, the relationship of code to visuals).

For the live jam, we probably won't all fit on stage at the same time, although it would be fun to try. We should structure it carefully and be careful that it doesn't resort to pure noise (until the end). A rehearsal would be great.

We'll get three data projectors overlayed on one screen. Amy could bring a 'video jockey' to switch between performers, operated by whoever isn't performing at that moment, to allow more people to perform than there are projectors.

We'll need M-F VGA cables (i.e. VGA extension cables) - one per concurrent performer using the video jockey. The video jockey can accomodate eight computers. Amy will attempt to haul the requisite cables along.

Alex will bring a small ten channel audio mixer, another stage mixer will be provided by club transmediale.