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Languages for For Live Coding. The ones with community links are probably a good place for beginners.

Textual languages

Graphical / visual / game-based languages

  • The Thingee + ThingeeLanguage
  • betablocker Gameboy version
  • Al-Jazari (refused TOPLAP approval, entering third tribunal at dynamic high court)
  • TOPLAPapp:an iPhone/iPod Touch live coding musical puzzle game
  • Text - A visual language based on Haskell
  • Pure Data - An open-source dataflow programming language for multimedia
  • Max/MSP/Jitter - A dataflow programming language for multimedia
  • Meemoo - A framework that connects open-source modules, powered by any web technology
  • afterglow-max - Hosts Afterglow (see previous section) inside Max/MSP/Jitter (and presumably Pure Data, though I have not tested that yet).

Unavailable/difficult to run languages