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Back in Hamburg, Nick asked if I (AdrianWard) could contribute a logo to TOPLAP. I've been thinking about this ever since. Yes, it's taken me three months to come up with something.

Hopefully it's fairly obvious. It's supposed to be a LAPTOP with some CODE facing an AUDIENCE. Please offer your feedback below so that it can be improved. Thanks!

Hey it looks cool! But I (AmyAlexander) don't see how it's facing an audience? Is that the audience appearing on the left and right of the screen? But, then it looks like the audience is behind the computer, i.e. the code is facing away from the audience. Hmm, I am not sure how to solve this problem within a flat 2D logo - perhaps some faux perspective stuff would make it easier? Like maybe a 3/4 view, and a cone of light emitting from where the code is and engulfing the audience? Could also have #'s and ;'s and stuff emitting from the cone - or not.... Just some of my wild and wacky thoughts (I'm a very wild and wacky thinker, as you can tell.)

I, AlexMcLean like it too. I like the simplicity of the lines of code, I think with #'s and ;'s it may be getting too complex for its purpose as a logo. I share Amy's perception of the audience behind the screen, as though the viewer has the perspective of the programmer, looking at both screen and audience. I can't suggest a way of improving that however, and it is distinctive and eye-catching as it is. It's not a huge problem that the audience can't see the screen - presumably there is a projection for them to see out of shot. :)

Ah! Yes, you're right. The laptop isn't really facing the audience. I (AdrianWard) was aware of this subtle problem and had actually come up with this design initially:

Ofcourse, the abstraction of code represented by dots is more confusing however, but I like the fact that it played with the idea of CODE XOR AUDIENCE, which I guess is what is happening here. Is the laptop infront or behind the audience? Maybe the audience is part of the code....

This is splendid, I (NickCollins) like both forms but I have a soft spot for the former- the audience could be seen as being around the laptop, make dots increase in size outwards to get diagonals? Actually, that would spoil the simplicity...I like it anyway. dots as people or as soundwaves or as elipsis or as intelligent radiation...

I don't think it's important that it looks like the code is facing away from the audience; I think most people can abstract around that. I would try giving the people shoulders :-)


A vector version of the logo is here: