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T<random><item>emporary</item><item>ransnational</item><item>errestrial</item><item>ransdimensional</item><item>emporal</item></random> Organisation for the P<random><item>romotion</item><item>roliferation</item><item>ermanence</item><item>urity</item><item>arsimony</item><item>ragmatics</item></random> of Live A<random><item>lgorithm</item><item>udioVisual</item><item>rt</item><item>rtistic</item></random> Programming


<random><item>putting the rhythm into algorithms since 2004

</item><item>Let the algorithm hit 'em </item><item>To parse despite all chance to fail </item><item>Putting the funk into functions since 2004 </item><item>Taking the routine out of subroutines since 2004 </item><item>Taking the artificial out of artificial intelligence since 2004 </item><item>Stealing the intelligence from artificial intelligence since 2004 </item><item>After three days without livecoding, life becomes meaningless. </item><item>To know code, is to slow code </item><item>Thinking out loud </item><item>Please don't stop the algorithm </item><item>Goto, goto, for x, dim </item><item>Goto rnd(x)*10 </item><item>Start: Beep, wait(5), Beep, wait(5), Beep, wait(2), goto start. </item><item>Sub-unroutine </item><item>Polyphonymorphism </item><item>Some thoughts have a certain sound </item><item>Splicing tapes in Turing machines </item><item>"... to experience through an unusual aesthetic event what hackers are missing in society and what society is missing in hacking." source </item><item>The algorithm is gonna get you </item><item>"The less something like this makes us think of very serious people doing amazingly hard things according to arcane procedures while sitting on standardised chairs
the better." source </item><item>For a long time computer scientists have been erasing time from programming, and we're now putting it back in.
For a long time computer musicians have been trying to hide the computation in their music, and we're celebrating it.</item>

<item>soundactic sugar</item></random>

Live coding is a new direction in electronic music and video: live coders expose and rewire the innards of software while it generates improvised music and/or visuals. All code manipulation is projected for your pleasure. TOPLAP has been collectively developing, exploring and promoting live coding since it was formed in a smoky bar in Hamburg in 2004.

New home page

We now have a new home page! Have a look, and contribute links. All feedback is very welcome.

Introductory videos and texts

The best introduction to live coding is to watch some.

Show us your screens is the most recent documentary, featuring interviews with several live coders and live footage. To watch and read more, see our list of videos, articles and academic papers


You are most welcome to join our mailing list, where we discuss live coding, share experiences and advertise events over email. You may also ask questions here on the wiki.

Start live coding!

  • First thing is to read our Draft Manifesto.
  • See all the live coding environments available, most are free/open source or freeware, and several come with tutorials and helpful community waiting to answer your questions
  • Once you're live coding, make yourself an official TOPLAP member simply by adding yourself to this list.

Or if you don't fancy programming, why not try Live Coding Without Computers

Latest News

Miscellaneous and older stuff